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Focus On The Positive Aspects Of Your Life - Life Coach Antony Raj

Born and brought up in Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, currently living in Bengaluru, Karnataka, he completed his schooling and college from his hometown. His father is a retired Government Teacher and mother a Homemaker. He has two sisters and a brother, he is the youngest. He lives with his wife, Praveena, and their adorable, 12 year old son.

SharonIt's a pleasure to interview you, Antony. Thank you for your time, Congratulations, you are an ICF certified Life coach, tell us, how did this journey start?

Coach Antony - Thanks for having me Sharon. Yes, I am ICF certified Life Coach now. I can’t say exactly when the Life Coach journey started, but this happened because of my passion and interest.

I am a certified NLP, Mindfulness and a Career Coach. I also work as a Counsellor. All these put together, made me a Life Coach.

SharonWhy did you choose to be a Life Coach and not any other coach like business, relationship etc.?

Coach Antony - For many years, I noticed how much people struggle to improve their lives. I got an opportunity to analyze their lifestyle and discovered a few things. Their struggle have many reasons however based on my analysis, I have identified a few factors, like lack of awareness and knowledge, lack of guidance and lack of a support system.

I believe, God blessed me with a talent of being extremely good at problem solving. This ultimately led me towards the journey of becoming a professional life coach. In current times, I analyzed that, rural areas are dealing with more issues than urban hence I am here to offer professional help to people dealing with any issues which inhibit them in living a good life.

Sharon – What services can you offer as a life coach?

Coach Antony - I can assist people in achieving their career goals and to manage their day to day life in a better way. I also help people in having clear and smart goals, identify their obstacles and devise strategies to overcome each hurdle systematically. We offer many trainings. For more services and details, one can visit my website, or

Sharon – Tell us about your career background and how it connected to being a life coach?

Coach Antony - I am an Engineer, worked in IT industry for 22 years. Though my career and educational background are not connected to being a Life Coach, it was solely my passion which compelled me to take a detour and become a certified Life Coach.

Sharon - What is your vision or a personal mission statement, as a life coach?

Coach Antony - My mission is to provide professional guidance to individuals in achieving their goals. I spend quality time in assisting individual by helping them make a plan, guide them at every step by reviewing their progress and plan next steps by eradicating their obstacles that they become successful, inturn transforming their life.

Sharon – What are your areas of focus as a Life coach, do you have any areas you do not coach your clients on?

Coach Antony - My primary focus is on helping individuals achieve their career, business and personal goals. I generally don't spend much time on coaching relationship issues. I believe that if an individual manages his/her personal traits, they can manage their relationships well.

Sharon – Why should a client select you as a Life coach?

Coach Antony - Because I believe and affirm that I am gifted with the ability to solve problems. My 22 years of work experience also adds up as an advantage, my training as an ICF certified Life coach, along with the other credentials enriched and empowered me to be one of the best Life coaches.

Sharon – What suggestion will you give to people who lack setting goals in their life and some tips on how they can be effective in goal setting?

Coach Antony - I have noticed that the top reason why people never achieve their goals is because they change them every time they encounter obstacles, also coupled with some bad advice or some unfavorable circumstances in everyday life. The best advice I can offer is to choose a mentor or an accountability partner before you set any goal, it is important that goals are reviewed, time to time that you know where you stand with them. If this has become a challenge, then get in touch with me.

Sharon – How do you charge your clients, is it per session or can clients take a package for say 6 or 12 months? Where can clients get details about your coaching packages?

Coach Antony - There are no specific policies in my company as of now. We go by our client's requirement. Before taking a service, the client will be informed of the options. He/She can choose on whatever works best for them.

Sharon – Can a client withdraw his/her contract with you anytime during the coaching time period?

Coach Antony - We respect our client's decision therefore If a client wish to withdraw the contract, it is absolutely fine however he/she will have to pay all the dues and ensure payment is done for the completed sessions, prior to terminating the contract.

Sharon - How are disputes between you and the client handled?

Coach Antony - A contract will be signed between us and the client prior to even starting the 1st coaching session. Client must ensure to read all the terms and conditions in the contract. Dispute handling will be done as per the contract terms and conditions.

Sharon – Give some tips, to our readers, considering this pandemic situation?

Coach Antony - Two things are important,

1. Keep your mind healthy

2. Accept the situation.

A famous quote by Tony Robbins,

"Where focus goes, energy flows"

Therefore, focus on the positive aspects of your life

Sharon - How can potential clients reach you for an appointment?

Coach Antony - For an appointment visit, call,

My website: or My E-mail ID: or Mobile: +91-702279105

To Follow Life Coach Antony on Social Media

We Wish Antony Raj All The Success As A Life Coach

Interview by Sharon Gaddala

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