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Becoming great is not a competition with others, It is a competition with yourself - Sharon Gaddala

Updated: Apr 8, 2021


I was 18, an average intense fanatic teenager doing left right left, in NCC (National Cadet Corps, India) whilst completing graduation but DESTINY set me up to grow at high-speed like my settings were changed to only fast forward. I made a brave decision, a choice, hoping for a better and comfortable life. The fire inside me was so enraged that pretty much nothing scared me (except for caterpillars) and I made the first fearless decision of my life. I must tell you that I am absolutely proud of my choices for they were completely MINE. When I look back, I can’t hold my emotions tight with the roller coaster rides and prosperity, possible only with blessing from LORD JESUS and love from my loved ones.



Quotes by Mohamed Ali


Are you GREAT? Do you have DREAMS? Are your dreams BIG ENOUGH?

I love these quotes, I always asked these questions to myself….

I have a purpose, which compelled me to write this book. From 1.3 billion people in India, I am the one girl, you can relate to, from an average middle-class family (I really don’t know where the middle is) with not so average but super ambitious dreams. I too knew I was great, in my way, in some way, I just had to discover that WAY. Every word, every situation, the lessons learnt is to radiate and pass on the power, caliber and passion to my readers, YOU. I DREAMT and my dreams came true (majority of them).

My comprehension of becoming great, does not mean you have to be the next President of your country, win a Beauty Pageant or become a Celebrity. Becoming great is not a competition with others, It is a competition with yourself, by daring to dream, having a plan to achieve them in your OWN way, with your own RULES, with your own POWER, you make your own CHOICES and conquer your world by consistently evolving who you are. It is what you OWN, as unique as your fingerprints.

There are and will always be imbeciles around you, their dream is to whine, discourage, misguide, mock and break your dreams. Allow them to do it because the dreams you have are yours, not theirs. Only you know the POWER & PASSION you have for them. Dreams pursued with passion are so powerful and intense that it makes everything else powerless.

When your dreams come true, go, encourage whoever you can, give them your wings and help them until they learn to fly. Real stories touch people no matter which corner of the globe they are from. I was always fascinated by biographies and autobiographies, they are true stories, those stories have power, those stories are intense and those stories can change you.

Always ensure to surround yourself with people who encourage, motivate and inspire you, it is imperative that you have someone to look up to and in this process, inch closer and closer in accomplishing your dreams.I Hope your indulgence in reading this book turns out to be delightful, intriguing and somewhat Inspiring. Some true stories from my life to your eyes.

**DREAMS are not what you see in sleep, they are the things which does not let you sleep** quote by A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

I am not a rehabilitated drug addict. No, I am not a drunkard. My story is not out of the blue, not super dramatic, not excruciating to a level you will feel stabbed. No, I did not have any erratic awakening that I went to Himalayas and no I was not in jail for any crime. I am a very normal girl from a normal middle-class family, born to be abnormally ambitious in chasing my dreams and this part of me surely is meaty, colourful, smashing, melodramatic and has some shades but not grey (Wink) & blue. I like black & maroon. Unraveling a few true (99%) chronicles from my life, on my Choices, Career and Love.

I Chose, at 18, my book, now available on Amazon Kindle and Paperback. To order your copy, click on the link below.

Hope your read, turns out to be pleasant and delightful.



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