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Fictional stories are the best way to communicate the right message to the readers - Disha Sharma

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Author of Book - 5 Days

Interview by Sharon Swathi Gaddala

Author Disha Sharma

A freelance journalist, she writes academic, lifestyle, relationship related articles. Has over 3 years of digital journalist experience after working in Newzstreet Media Pt Ltd, NewsX and ANI. Not just that, she is a blogger, columnist. A self-published author of short stories on self-help topics. Conducted celebrity interviews during her internship and covered general stories related to community and pets. A family person, a balanced foodie.

Sharon - Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Author Disha Sharma - Not a specified person inspired me. Daily lives of people who suffer problems like financial crisis and made me to write in a fictional manner. Interestingly, initially I had no specific idea but gradually when I kept on writing, suddenly, a story got its accurate words.

Sharon - What can you tell us, about your book?

Author Disha Sharma - My book is about a 5 Days is mental health, relationship fictional story that traces the life of low-key Mumbai-based sales manager Ayaan Senger fighting his financial crisis after marrying his love Payal Ahuja. Problems seem to be never-ending and his mental health starts deteriorating. From experiencing hallucinations to mood swings, Ayaan Senger is on a verge to lose his Identity. Though Payal makes her best effort in motivating Ayaan to not feel demotivated however nothing seems to be fruitful until one day he meets a ghost on his way to Khandala. What happens after it is an interesting read.

Sharon - What Genre is your book and did why did you make that choice?

Author Disha Sharma - My genre is a self-help fictional psycho thriller. I made this choice because I think fictional stories are the best way to communicate the right message to the readers.

Sharon - How long did it take for you to complete this book?

Author Disha Sharma - Almost 9-10 months

Sharon - What was the hardest part while you were writing this book?

Author Disha Sharma - The hardest part while writing a book was that sometimes, I used to forget the continuity in the manuscript that used to stop my cursor while writing. So to repetitively putting all words together was the toughest and cumbersome work to do.

Sharon - How did you select or come up with the Title of this book?

Author Disha Sharma - After completing the book, two titles came in my mind two hour journey and five days. I thought That Two hour journey will be an apt title to illustrate about the journey of the character Ayaan Senger from Mumbai to Khnaldal when he meets a girl, but suddenly I realised that the book title should be a compilation of the character's life so I chose Five Days which combined all the experiences of the character.

Sharon - Did you design your book cover or hire a professional?

Author Disha Sharma - Hired a publisher

Sharon - Did you self publish or use a publisher?

Author Disha Sharma - Used a publisher

Sharon - How was working with the published and is it free or paid service?

Author Disha Sharma - Paid publishing

Sharon - How did you celebrate after you completed your book?

Author Disha Sharma - I celebrated with my family members by throwing a party. I shared copies with relatives, informed my friend son Facebook, Twitter and all the people who helped me while writing this book.

Sharon - How do you deal with negative reviews on your book review?

Author Disha Sharma - So far, I haven't received any negative review for my book. Almost everyone is liking the book. But dealing with negative reviews is a kind of a motivation for me to go for improvement. I don't get affected by the negative reviews because I think it's only telling me the truth that I haven't written good enough to impress the people. So, I think negative reviews are the best way to do something good, better and best.

Sharon - When did you start writing?

Author Disha Sharma - I started writing in the year 2018.

Sharon - What advice would you give to a writing for their first book?

Author Disha Sharma - I will advice them to stay calm and composed while writing their first book. One should have a clear idea about their writing, do not hesitate while writing your imagination, make lots of notes and jolt it down on books, imagine from the outer world. Be it parks, a hilly station or a peaceful place, words will a naturally flow into your mind and will give you a kickstart to your perfect writing journey.

Sharon - Who is your favourite Author and why?

Author Disha Sharma - It's John Grisham. He is the best. I like the writing style not because he knows the accurate words but because whenever he writes a thriller, he really puts everyone on the edge of your seat with a mix of some real harsh truths of daily life.


We wish Disha Sharma all the very best for her book.

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