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Help people to protect themselves from Corona- Author Vikrant

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Author of Book - 99+1 ways to prevent corona virus

Interview by Sharon Swathi Gaddala

Vikrant Kapoor

A Multipreneur, an author, he runs chain of Schools, he is in Healthcare products business, a musician and loves to cook.

His wife Muskan Kapoor is an educationist and Co- founder of all his businesses. His daughter Janhavi Kapoor ,14 years, a great artist in art and paintings. His son Kartik kapoor is 7 year old boy and a great actor.

Sharon - Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Author Vikrant - I just found that people are totally unaware of the preventions available for Corona virus. Being a Competent person, I wanted to bring my knowledge at one platform so that it can be helpful to people and it can help them to protect themselves from Corona Virus.

Sharon - What can you tell us about your book?

Author Vikrant - This book carries 99+ 1 ways to prevent corona Virus. These are simple prevention available every where , one can just take these prevention and live life to fullest.

Sharon - What Genre is your book and why did you make that choice?

Author Vikrant - My Genre is Non Fiction and Based on Facts available. This is very important for everyone to know about 100 preventions available for corona virus.

Sharon - How long did it take for you to complete this book?

Author Vikrant - This took me tentatively 60 to 90 days

Sharon - What was the hardest part while writing this book?

Author Vikrant - Hardest Part was to compile all facts and make in in form of book, either eBook or Paper back. More over Handling my businesses and simultaneously writing was definitely the hardest part of it.

Sharon - How did you come up with the Title of this book?

Author Vikrant - 99 + 1 ways to prevent Corona Virus. This is to give a direct message to people that there are so many preventions available. +1 prevention is detailed about vaccination, which people know very less about vaccination.

Sharon - Did you design your book cover or hire a professional?

Author Vikrant - I hired a professional, because I wanted to show all these 100 Methods are like super heroes which a kicking away corona virus from the world.

Sharon - Did you self-Publish or use a publisher? Who was the publisher and how much time did they take to publish your book?

Author Vikrant - I have self-published the book.

Sharon - How did you celebrate after you completed your book?

Author Vikrant - It was a Cloud 9 experience, when I received mail from amazon kindle that my book is live. I have thrown a small Party with my family and held a big Media Conference for the same.

Sharon - How do you deal with negative reviews on your book review?

Author Vikrant - Though I did not get any negative review so far. But even if I do , I will surely deal with maturity.

Sharon - When did you start writing?

Author Vikrant - I started writing it in October 2020.

Sharon - How many books have you written?

Author Vikrant - This is my 1st book; I am writing now another book on Business.

Sharon - Who is your favourite Author and why?

Author Vikrant - My Favourite author is Rabindranath Tagore. As I developed an interest in reading because of this learned author

Sharon - What advice would you give to a writer, for their first book?

Author Vikrant - Keep G=Faith in yourself that you can do it. Do not edit your book side by side of writing, keep editing in the last. Write regularly , every day in order to keep your better focused.

To Follow the Author

We wish Vikrant Kapoor all the success for his book.

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