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Counselling Psychologist(P) | ICF Certified-Life Coach

| Image Consultant | Author 

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Be a Better Person Than Yesterday!

with Counselling & Coaching 

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About Me


My vision as a Life Coach

Become a better person than yesterday, simply because you can. You will leave this world and your loved ones, some day, until that day, be happy, live and keep getting better at it !! 

This is a one time shot, so Nail It!

I am blessed to have JESUS, an incredibly loving family and handful of friends, me in full circle!


Counselling Psychologist (P), International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Life Coach, Author, Certified ISO Lead Auditor (4 standards), Six Sigma Black Belt Certified, 17+ years of corporate experience as Trainer & Compliance Auditor. I write blogs, poems & quotes when I get inspired. My mood sways me to some random binge reading.

My childhood idol (also crush) - Mr. Rahul Dravid. I am a  Gigantic fan of Trevor Noah, William Shakespeare and Oprah Winfrey. My parents are my all time inspiration, especially DAD.  My adolescence guide and inspiration came from the wisest man on earth, yes, King Solomon. You can read his wisdom quotes too, from Bible, All of Proverbs book written by him. 

With my quest to learn anything new, I consistently strive to learn and become a better person than yesterday!

About Me..

Ultimate Purpose Of Life Is What You Define For Yourself.


Let's Hello..

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You have done the right thing, Now sit back and relax. We will get in touch with you soon.Wish you a blessed day!!

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