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We all are sailing our boat, surrounded by the sea of mixed emotions - Author of E Zindagi.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Interview by Sharon Swathi Gaddala


Dr. Ajeet Kumar Prajapati, is an introvert bachelor by nature, a medical doctor (MBBS, MD Pathology) by profession and currently working as Consultant Pathologist in Bangalore. Belongs to a middle class defence family with my father serving in Indian Air Force, currently on the post of Junior warrant officer (JWO).

He is from a small village Tajpur Dehma, near Banaras, Uttar Pradesh, India. He completed his schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya No.1, Air Force Station of various cities. Since childhood, he was more inclined towards science, technology and arts, giving equal importance to all dimensions of life. Apart from studies, he received many gold medals in various sports and art competitions too. He completed MBBS from Bidar Institute Of Medical Science, Bidar, Karnataka and Master of Medicine (MD) in Pathology from Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College, Aligarh Muslim University, Uttar Pradesh, India.

In 2019, he grabbed International Gold Medal for a Medical Device Invention of “Fine Needle Aspiration Syringe System” at International Innovation Fair 2019, held in Hyderabad, India. His invention is currently under patent procedure at Delhi Patent Office with already published paper in Indian Patent Journal, Feb issue, 2019.

He is a lifetime member of Indian Innovator Association (IIA), India as well as International Federation of Inventors Association (IFIA), Switzerland. He likes creativity and writing. he loves to paint and sketch, won many regional and state level competitions. He loves music and is interested in different musical instruments and learning to play drums, keyboard, flute and harmonica. Craft work, pot designing and science model designing gives him immense pleasure. He plays cricket, basketball, badminton and volleyball.

He is an active blogger with website name Scientific Concepts, Art and Life, he has a youtube channel. Currently he is experiencing a bit of business skills through his online reseller shopping site.

Sharon - Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Author Dr. Ajeet - It’s the life, which we all are experiencing, has made me to write this book. We all are sailing our boat, surrounded by the sea of mixed emotions, facing difficulties and struggling to get through. It’s the book of life.

Sharon - What can you tell us about your book?

Author Dr. Ajeet - This book is representing all of us, going through the different phases of the life. Happiness, sorrow, dreams, struggle, failure, inspiration, motivation, hard-work, success, love, romance etc, all are served through this book in the most possible precise way. I have tried my best to deliver all these emotions, garlanded with poetry.

Sharon - What Genre is your book and why did you make that choice?

Author Dr. Ajeet - It’s of “Poetry” Genre, written in “Hindi” language. We all rhyme with the flow of life, our thoughts, our heart, our mind and I think, with every situation and with everything, exists here. Poetry is the best mean to directly penetrate anyone’s soul. It’s always easy to communicate with the readers through poetry.

Sharon - How long did it take for you to complete this book?

Author Dr. Ajeet - As I have already mentioned – “It’s the book of life”, its took me many years to write all those poems based on what I have experienced or concluded. One of the poems “ Kya Main Akela Hun....?”, was written in 2009, when I was doing my MBBS. The title poem” Ae Zindagi”, was the last poem (before the book publication), penned in 2019. So, the book was not written in a go, but actual a collection of all my poems, papered between 2009 to 2019.

Sharon - What was the hardest part while writing this book?

Author Dr. Ajeet - The hardest part was “to go through the emotions, while writing each line”. Only you can feel each word, at that moment. Only you can hear that laugh as well as scream of your soul. It’s always easy to rhyme with your emotions but more difficult to rhyme with words, simultaneously.

Sharon - How did you come up with the Title of this book?

Author Dr. Ajeet - Now, I think, easy to guess. My book title is actually taken from my one of the poems, as mentioned before- “ Ae Zindagi”. This title includes all. I think no further explanation needed.

Sharon - Did you design your book cover or hire a professional?

Author Dr. Ajeet - Book cover photo was my own (actually from my travelling photo gallery), edited by professional.

Sharon - Did you self-Publish or use a publisher? Who was the publisher and how much time did they take to publish your book?

Author Dr. Ajeet - It is published by Sankalp Publication. Total time taken was 3 months.

Sharon - How did you celebrate after you completed your book?

Author Dr. Ajeet - Nothing special. Just shared my book links to my known ones. Obviously excited, but no special celebration.

Sharon - How do you deal with negative reviews on your book review?

Author Dr. Ajeet - No need to deal with “negative” reviews. I can only respond to “suggestions” to improve myself. I respect everyone’s views and reviews as well. After all, all have their own perceptions and experiences of life.

Sharon - When did you start writing?

Author Dr. Ajeet - I have been writing since my childhood. Though, this particular book has my limited collections.

Sharon - How many books have you written?

Author Dr. Ajeet - This is my first book.

Sharon - Who is your favourite Author and why?

Author Dr. Ajeet - As far now, not anyone in particular. I like to read books of different “Genre”, from different authors.

Sharon - What advice would you give to a writer, for their first book?

Author Dr. Ajeet - I think, everyone is different in expressing their thoughts. The only advice which I can give is to fill your contents, more with emotions and less with words.


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We wish Dr. Ajeet Kumar Prajapati all the success for his book.

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