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Poetry is an expressive form of writing - Author of Trapped In Thought

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Interview by Sharon Swathi Gaddala

Tarik Braithwaite

Tarik grew in up in Georgetown, Guyana, comes from a household of 5. His major is Law and holds a Bachelor degree in law. He enjoys simple things in life. He is an artist and passionate about poetry. In his country he is an activist and sees himself as someone who can restore balance to the art form (poetry) within his country.

Sharon - Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Author Tarik - I have always been fond of the world of literature and poetry because more than just an inherited talent. It was therapy to me and I used it as a tool ever since to promote justice. In Guyana, there is a limited scope for successful poets, so this project (Trapped In Thought) was created to prove to locals that poets still have a chance in my country.

Sharon - What can you tell me about your book?

Author Tarik -Trapped In Thought is a book expressed using confessional verses. It takes you into a period of time where the author choose to reflect. It is a chapbook that has a bonus feature of 7 local poets. The aim at that time was to introduce to the world a variety of poets, each with a diverse style of writing.

Sharon - What genre is your book and why did you make that choice?

Author Tarik -The genre of this book is poetry. Poetry is an expressive form of writing. The reason as to why I choose to explore this genre is because poetry is an art form that appeals more to the younger generation. To promote change you need to target the younger folks and hence the reason for this.....

Sharon - How long did it take for you to complete this book?

Author Tarik -This book took me 1 year and 6 months to complete

Sharon - What was the hardest part while writing this book?

Author Tarik -The hardest part was trying to figure out how the system works and how to explore Amazon options. In fact it is still a task for me.

Sharon - How did you come up with the title of this book?

Author Tarik - Numerous titles were brainstormed. However, having brought out the groundwork of being in a position of thinking, the title Trapped In Thought was established.

Sharon - Did you design your book cover or hire a professional

Author Tarik - I designed the book cover of my book

Sharon - Did you self-publish or use a publisher? Who was the publisher and how much time did it take to publish your book?

Author Tarik - My book was self-published with KDP and it took 3 days before it was published

Sharon - How did you celebrate after you completed your book?

Author Tarik - I didn’t celebrate to be honest. After this project was dropped, I went straight into writing the other one because I know everyone would be looking forward to another one...

Sharon - How did you deal with negative reviews on your book?

Author Tarik - Criticism is good. I actually indulge because I think options are aids rather than setbacks. So I entertained it with a glass wine and we had an awesome dining.

Sharon - When did you started writing?

Author Tarik - I started writing at the age of 13

Sharon - Who is your favourite author and why?

Author Tarik - My favourite author is Anne Sexton. Because she was one of the many to coin the term “confessional verse” I feel she has been very inspirational in teaching my the laws of this particular poetry.

Sharon - What advice would you give to a writer, for their first book?

Author Tarik - Writer from your heart! Too many people focus on the crowd. The crowd wants what you want and to be honest once you can give them the truth and write what’s in your heart you will be successful

To Follow the Author

Facebook page -
Instagram- _Tarik1920
LinkedIn- Tarik Braithwaite 

We wish Tarik Braithwaite all the success for his book.

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