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Mystery with some unique characters, changing directions on what happened throughout the way

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Interview by Sharon Swathi Gaddala

Author S.A. Gensch

S.A. GENSCH was born in Minnesota United States of America and moved to Colorado when she was entering high school. She met her husband in Colorado and have three kids. These days she spends her days being a stay-at-home mom and work on my writing whenever she can.

Sharon - Who or what inspired you to write this book?

Author S.A. Gensch - When I read The Outsiders in seventh grade, that’s what started this very long writing journey. Ever since I read that book, I wanted to tell my own stories.

Sharon - What can you tell us, about your book?

Author S.A. Gensch - It’s a mystery with some unique characters, and it’ll make you change directions on what happened throughout the way.

Sharon - What Genre is your book and did why did you make that choice?

Author S.A. Gensch - Mystery. I’ve just always loved reading mysteries. I was the kid who read lots of Nancy Drew books and played the Nancy Drew computer games. I also love watching mystery/thriller movies. It’s not the only genre I’m going to write, but it made sense for my first novel.

Sharon - How long did it take for you to complete this book?

Author S.A. Gensch - Well, that depends when you consider me actually starting. I’ve had the plotline and the characters in my head for years, about a decade. I’ve tried typing different directions with it multiple times, but never got far in it. It just never felt right. When I pushed myself to finally write this book, it only took me a few months. I worked on it constantly everyday. I was very determined to finally get something going for myself.

Sharon - What was the hardest part while you were writing this book?

Author S.A. Gensch - Oddly enough, because it was a mystery, the hardest part was wondering if readers would keep up with the timeline. I’d write things and wonder if readers would recall something related to it from earlier or if they’d make the connections. Essentially, I was worried if I was writing things in an order for it all to make sense. It seems silly now, but when you’re writing the story, you do worry about those little things.

Sharon - How did you select or come up with the Title of this book?

Author S.A. Gensch - I used the thesaurus. I wrote down the keywords for the book, I guess a “dumbed down” title, and threw the words around the thesaurus until I found something a little more unique. It didn’t really take me long. As soon as I wrote it down, I could feel that was it. My next book wasn’t as simple. I probably went through fifty title ideas before finally landing on one.

Sharon - Did you design your book cover or hire a professional?

Author S.A. Gensch - The self-publishing company I went through designed it for me. I had no idea what I wanted the cover to look like until I went through their picture library and found tons of ideas, then finally landed on one.

Sharon - Did you self-Publish or use a publisher? Who was the publisher and how much time did they charge to publish your book.

Author S.A. Gensch - Self-published at Outskirts Press, and it only took maybe a month. It wasn’t long at all. Honestly, I don’t plan to use them again, because I found a different route that will make more sense for my future books. Nothing against Outskirts, I really have no complaints with them, but there’s something else in the future for me.

Sharon - How did you celebrate after you completed your book?

Author S.A. Gensch - Well, considering it was during a pandemic, we didn’t get to celebrate the way I would have loved to. An in-person book sale of some sort would have been amazing. Instead, we ran an online pre-sale where some profits went towards a small business that needed help from loss to the pandemic.

Sharon - How do you deal with negative reviews on your book review?

Author S.A. Gensch - I haven’t gotten any yet, but you know, you can’t please everyone. Everyone has their own pleasures in books, and there are going to be some who don’t find that in mine. There’s nothing wrong with that. I can’t let that affect my future with writing.

Sharon - When did you start writing?

Author S.A. Gensch - When I was a teenager. I actually had a mystery trilogy someone was helping me get published, but I backed out just unsure if it was what I wanted to do in my life or if that's what I wanted to be known for as my first published work. It was worth it to wait all these years.

Sharon - How many books have you written?

Author S.A. Gensch - I’ve published one, and one is coming this summer.

Sharon - What advice would you give to a writing for their first book?

Author S.A. Gensch - There’s no time frame to finish a book. There’s no audience to please. Don’t write it how anyone else would want it written. Just write it for you.

Sharon - Who is your favourite Author and why?

Author S.A. Gensch - Well S.E. Hinton’s books are what inspired me to write. I think if there was an author whose books I couldn’t ever put down, it would be Scott Westerfeld. I read his entire Uglies series within days.

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We wish S.A. Gensch all the success for her book.

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