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Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Interview by Sharon Gaddala

Born in Trichy and raised in Hyderabad. A multilingual, fluent in Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Kannada. She studied in Chennai for a few years and then travelled the world for a few more years before settling down in Bangalore.

She is a Science postgraduate with an unusual HR and office manager experience. It took her years to realize that the only thing which mattered to her was serving people. She loves interacting and engaging with people.

It's a pleasure to interview you, Vanitha. Thank you for your time, Congratulations, you are an ICF certified Life coach, tell us, how did this journey start?

Coach Vanitha - Once I figured that I love serving people, I started exploring options to become a certified coach. The journey then introduced me to coaches like yourself to guide and follow.

Why did you choose to be a Life Coach and not any other coach like business, relationship etc.?

Coach Vanitha - I believe that business, relationship and career all are an extension of life. When the Thoughts, priorities, personal choices, goals etc are clear, the other aspects like work, relationship etc all fall in place. It definitely takes some effort but a clarity of thought regarding your life goals paves the way for others.

What services can you offer as a life coach?

Coach Vanitha - I mainly connect with women and Young people who are starting their career. I call myself a thought coach than a life coach because my methodologies focus more on regulating the thoughts.

Tell us about your career background and how it connected to being a life coach?

Coach Vanitha - I have worked as a lecturer just after my Master’s and then shifted to working as a PMO. I took a few years break after having 2 kids. I rejoined as a HR and an office manager. 5 years of connecting with people, recruiting the right talent, talent management and various other HR tasks, I honed my skills to help people. I also developed a keen sense of listening to what people actually wish to convey than what is spoken. These are just some of the skills I developed through my work.

What is your vision or a personal mission statement, as a life coach?

Coach Vanitha - There have been times, when I have also crumbled and broke down due to stress and worry. Looking back, I know that I also had the resilience to get up stronger and perseverance to never give up. Many of my friends claim that my sunny disposition and positive attitude motivates them to try and never give up. I have hence decided that I will help people live an unstoppable life, full of possibilities and choices.

What are your areas of focus as a Life coach, do you have any areas you do not coach your clients on?

Coach Vanitha - I am not a psychologist or medically trained professional. I, hence clearly decline to coach clients who are on mood altering medications or have been diagnosed with psychological ailments.

Why should a client select you as a Life coach?

Coach Vanitha - There are no should’s in my dictionary. People are free to make their choices. In my opinion, everyone feels comfortable with someone. To check if you think I can serve you, reach out to me for a free session. One free session can give you an idea about my capabilities of serving you.

What suggestion will you give to people who lack setting goals in their life and some tips on how they can be effective in goal setting?

Coach Vanitha - Goals setting is very important and also tricky. If you set high goals, then there is a possibility of you losing interest. An easy goal might make you less motivated or bored. A few tips while thinking of goals are

  1. Come up with clear goals. A goal that says, I want to earn more money is very vague.

  2. Make them time bound. If you say you wish to earn 1000K and not define when, the goal is less likely to be achieved.

  3. Make realistic goals. We all are defined by our thoughts. Our beliefs and values shape us. Ensure that there is no conflict between the goals and our values.

I always ask clients to visualize their goals. When they are able to feel their goals using all their senses, achieving it becomes easier.

How do you charge your clients, is it per session or can clients take a package for say 6 or 12 months? Where can clients get details about your coaching packages?

Coach Vanitha - After the first free session, clients are expected to take a minimum of 3 sessions as a package. These 3 sessions can be for a period of 2 months. I personally email them coaching packages, based on their requirements.

Can a client withdraw his/her contract with you anytime during the coaching time period?

Coach Vanitha - Yes, clients can withdraw their contract . It is absolutely fine however he/she will have to pay all the dues and ensure payment is done for the completed sessions, prior to terminating the contract.

How are disputes between you and the client handled?

Coach Vanitha - I haven't had any disputes so far but if the need arises, then it will be settled as amicably as possible. A coach has the interest of the client as his primary objective, so if the client feels otherwise, I would address it and resolve it amicably.

Give some tips, to our readers, considering this pandemic situation?

Coach Vanitha - Stress and loneliness have been the bane of this century and more so this last year. I request everyone to reach out to friends and family for support before taking any major decision. Go out for walks in the morning sun to clear your head. Talk to strangers if you feel like connecting to others. We all are social creatures and connecting with other people gives us strength.

How can potential clients reach you for an appointment?

Coach Vanitha - Potential client can mail me at or

call me at +91 7899613996 for appointment.

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We Wish Vanitha Senkurichi All The Success As A Life Coach

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